There is a web site under the name Catholic Planet that has set itself up as judge and jury on many Catholic teachings and on Catholic Church authority.

The person who runs the web page, Mr. Ron Conte Jr., refuses to answer which Bishop’s authority he is under and which priest is his spiritual director. The reasons for this become apparent as you read his comments on the authority of the Church.


Mr. Conte is like many others who have used some truth and then distorted the truth to suit them selves regardless of church teaching. He suggests that imprimaturs, nihil obstat, Bishop’s approval and judgements are of little meaning but that his judgement is better. He also suggests that a Bishop’s statement on spiritual events does not have to be accepted and that it is not necessary to follow what a Pope says! Also that the teachings of the Magisterium are incorrect.

Mr. Conte who describes himself as a humble and pious theologian has no standing within the Catholic Church yet speaks as if he is the only one who understands Catholic teaching and theology.  That it is he who has the authority to decide which spiritual events in the Church are true or false. Very humble!


His writings contain many heresies and serious errors but anyone who points this out he condemns.

Some of his erroneous teachings and promotion of heresies include:

That The Lord, Jesus will return twice not once.

After The Lord’s first return he will return again around a 1000yrs later for judgement and the general resurrection. (Heresy)

From his webpage:

C. Upon the Return of Jesus Christ in 2437 A.D., there will be a brief time for repentance. Then Jesus Christ will punish the unrepentant wicked, and he will establish his kingdom on earth.

D. The proper interpretation of Revelation chapter 20 is that Jesus will return twice, once at the end of the Antichrist's reign, so as to establish his kingdom more fully on earth, and again, well over a thousand years later, for the general Judgment and general Resurrection.

E. At his first Return, Jesus will be accompanied by the Virgin Mary. In order to establish his kingdom more fully on earth, Jesus will then raise from the death the true Saints and Martyrs of the one holy Catholic Apostolic Church.

About one of his books:

This book, The Second Part of the Tribulation, is the companion volume to my earlier work, The First Part of the Tribulation. The second part of the tribulation includes the reign of the ten kings, and the subsequent reign of the Antichrist and the false prophetess (a woman antipope), as well as the first Return of Jesus Christ, and the subsequent punishment of the unrepentant wicked by means of the Seven Bowls of the Wrath of God. Then a long time of peace and holiness follows, called the Millennium. The second Return of Jesus Christ occurs afterward, at the time of the general Judgment and general Resurrection.

The Lord, Jesus, will return in 2347 AD… yet in Holy Scripture it says no one knows!

Not only was The Lord, Jesus, born of a virgin birth but so was Mary, His mother. 

‘Perfect virgin Mary, your perfect virgin life began with a miraculous virgin conception’,  also ‘the Virgin Mary was conceived, solely by a miracle of God, on Nov. 8 of 31 B.C. at the temple of Jerusalem’, and ‘ to be perfect like Christ, since Christ has a Virgin Conception and Virgin birth, Mary must also have a Virgin conception and a Virgin birth’.

‘Mary is like Christ in all things except His Divinity. Therefore, Mary had a virgin conception and a virgin birth, similar to Christ’s virgin conception and virgin birth’.

Writings which include the miraculous conception of Mary and to which Mr. Conte subscribes to include. The Protoevangelium of James which were declared heretical by Pope St. Gelasius 1 (492-496).

However, Mr. Conte declares that it is not everything in these writings that are heretical but the whole document was condemned as heretical by a Pope.

Also in 1677 the Holy See condemned the error of Imperial. Who taught that St. Anne in the conception and birth of Mary remained virgin (Pope Bendeict 14th).

Obviously Mr. Conte thinks the Pope’s are wrong.

He also describes various forms of Limbo … but the Church now says Limbo does not exist. The reassessment and removal of Limbo began under the late John Paul II. He was supported by the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who is now Pope Benedict 16th and who in 2007 reversed the teaching on Limbo.

However, Mr. Conte disagrees and states;  ‘Limbo does exist as an upper level of Purgatory, that is, as a last step before entering Heaven, a step during which the final preparations for Heaven are completed, not in the form of suffering for sin, but of gaining the knowledge and understanding needed to make that soul fit for Heaven.’


Mr. Conte is quick to condemn others even those with Bishop’s approval suggesting the Bishop’s have got it wrong. He decides, regardless of what the local Bishop or even the Vatican says about apparitions those that are good or bad.

An example of his judgement;

Gianna Talone-Sullivan of Emmitsburg;


Cardinal Keeler Primate of USA declares in 2002, ‘constat de non supernaturalitate’ and states ‘there is to be no public activity in the churches, oratories and other properties of the Archdiocese of Baltimore relating to the alleged apparitions and locutions’.  This is confirmed by the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and now Pope Benedict 16th. This covers her newer messages as well as the older ones.

Yet Mr. Conte states;

·  Gianna Talone-Sullivan of Emmitsburg, Maryland | latest messages - caution: the newer messages, given at Emittsburg are true, but the older set of messages, given to the Scottsdale, Arizona, prayer group are false (including some on Gianna's website).


Mr. Conte also seems to have a disregard for canon law and church authority for he has published a catechism without ecclesiastical approval. He has self–published, ‘The Catechism of Catholic ethics’, which is work of Roman Catholic moral theology without a imprimatur or nihil obstat. Ignoring what Canon law states;

Can.827:1 Without prejudice to the provisions of can.775:2 the publication of catechisms pertaining to catechetical formation, as well as there translations, requires the approval of the local ordinary. (Code of Canon Law )


Mr. Conte has made several predictions that never came true. Here are some:

He had a prediction of Hilary Clinton winning the last presidential election, which he later took down when she did not.

He has predicted a warning tied to the Garbandal messages that would with a 100% certainty would happen in 2008. When that did not happen a new prediction 100% certain for 2009. When that did not happen a new prediction for 2010 ,which did not happen.

Predictions for 2010

April 2nd, Good Friday, the Warning (Day of Repentance)

April 4th, Easter Sunday, the Day of Consolation

Pope Benedict XVI suggests three places of worship in Jerusalem, for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (a Temple, a Basilica, a mosque).

May 13th, Ascension Thursday, the Miracle

May 13th - Pope John Paul II canonized; perhaps also Pope Pius XII will be canonized on the same day.

Many of the extremists in the Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa respond to the Warning, and also next to the Miracle, with fear, and without repentance. They make a desperate grab for power in those nations. There are coups, insurrection, and outright war among those nations. Extremists fight against moderates, and the extremists win, and they take control of all those nations.

At some point after the Miracle, and probably before the end of 2010, Pope Benedict XVI dies.

The next Pope is the one St. Malachy called 'Peter the Roman'. But he does NOT take the name Pope Peter II. I believe that this Pope will be Cardinal Arinze and that he will take the name Pope Pius XIII. He will die a martyr in late 2012 or early 2013.

World War III begins in 2010, and lasts throughout most of the 2010's.
I believe that this war begins with an attack on New York City; a nuclear bomb (not a missile; not a dirty bomb) sent by the Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa.

Ron Conte
Roman Catholic theologian


There is obviously a desire to control by Mr. Conte for he states on his web page;

2. New members and all current members are also required to state their agreement with the required beliefs for membership, which includes teachings on Sources of Truth and on Sexual Ethics. Anyone who does not agree may not be a member of the group.).

4. All members must have the attitude of a student, striving to learn the Catholic Faith ever better. This discussion group does not exist for the purpose of expressing and exchanging opinions. It is primarily a learning group.

5. The group is taught and led by Ronald L. Conte Jr., a Roman Catholic theologian and Bible translator. Members who are not willing to learn from me, or who do not regard me as a suitable teacher of the Roman Catholic Faith, are not welcome.

6. Members who join this group should read and post on a regular basis, including at least one post a month. Inactive memberships will be suspended or deleted.

7. Please e-mail me first, before submitting a membership request, and tell me about yourself as a Catholic and why you want to join, so that I can have some basis for deciding whether or not to admit you as a new member. Also, be sure to state, clearly and unequivocally, if you agree with the required beliefs for membership, and if you have the attitude of a student wishing to learn from me.

8. Members are required to participate in the forum called Teaching Series, which reviews Catholic teaching and theology on matters of faith and morals.

8.I am concerned for the good of the souls of the members and of the non-member readers, therefore:
Members may not promote or discuss any false private revelation listed on this page:
Members may promote or discuss any true private revelation listed on the above page. However, claimed private revelations not on either the true or the false list above, including claims of apparitions, messages, and other supernatural experiences, should not be discussed without prior approval from the administrator by private messaging or e-mail.

Mr. Conte also tells his followers what sexual acts within a marriage are permissible and which are not as in his discernment they are sinful.

He tells women how they should dress.


So from reviewing just a few of the errors and promoted heresies on the catholic planet webpage it becomes obvious that Mr. R Conte Jr. considers himself the authority on all things Catholic. Selectively he is not obedient to the Catholic Church, nor does he accept Catholic Church teaching and authority. He does not believe in the Bishop’s judgement or even the Pope’s judgement. They are wrong and he is right. Mr. Conte decides what is heretical and what is not. He embraces heresies and uses some truth and confused complicated arguments to justify them. He does not abide by Canon Law.  Mr. Conte makes predictions that do not come true. He demands his followers accept his judgement and teaching without question or they should leave. He tells married couples how to have a sexual relationship.

The more his writings are reviewed the more I see a person protesting against the church using complicated explanations with some truth to confuse and silence.

He places himself as the sole authority and demands obedience. There is a lot of similarity to those who broke away from the church during the reformation and it looks as if there is a risk of Catholic Planet becoming a cult.